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Exciting News!

Extended hours are now available before 8:45am and after 12:45pm, Monday through Friday.  


We are offering you the opportunity to design your own childcare plan to meet your family's specific needs! 

Here are the details:

Extended Day

Sign up via email or call us at 828-322-1205



per hour

for 6 weeks of age through toddler room

Open at 7:15am

Close at  6:00pm


Before 8:45am : After 12:45pm

ATTENTION: On Fridays we will close at 5:00pm

Please view our Tuition Page for more Extended Day Options


per hour

for 2 years of age and up

**Sign-ups will first be offered to those who want to reserve set hours/days. You will be billed that set amount plus half-day tuition and lunch bunch on the first of each month.

NOTE: Payment is due for all monies between the 1st and the 10th of each month to avoid a late fee. You must pay the amount regardless of attendance. There will be no extended hour charge for days we are closed throughout the year (example: Christmas break).

*All other sign-ups will be on a first come first serve basis. We will schedule staff according to the number of children that are scheduled to attend. The earlier you let us know, the better chances you have at receiving an available spot.

NOTE: We will not guarantee availability except for those who reserve set hours/days.
NOTE: Our half-day school hours will remain the same. Drop off at 8:45 with pick up at 12:00/no lunch bunch and 12:45/with lunch bunch (additional $2)


Please contact us with any questions.

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