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Our  3  Year  Old  Class

The 3 year old program is packed full of fun, engaging and nurturing activities. We focus on the whole child by providing educational activities that develop the child emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Our teachers provide quality, hands-on and developmentally appropriate lessons. The 3 year old teachers provide consistent daily schedules with an emphasis on social and self help skills.

Explore our day...

Our day begins with arrival/free play. This is a time where the child can ease into the classroom and explore the class on their terms. It also allows the child to begin developing their independent skills and making and establishing friendships with their peers

We transition from free play to our morning circle time. This is where we introduce and discuss topics such as our weekly theme (community helpers, seasonal themes, letter of the week, numbers, etc.). We learn about the calendar, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. We use the Letterland Phonics program to learn the letter by lower and upper case recognition and the sound it makes.

We have learning centers each day. We have a reading/book center, blocks, manipulative/puzzles, art and math/science. Children participate in many different learning activities while having loads of fun!

We have a lot of fun with music and movement. This helps with their gross motor skills, balance, muscle strength, coordination and endurance all while they strengthen their memory skills.

We encourage independent skills at this age such as washing hands, cleaning up, taking care of learning materials, putting away of their waste and cleaning up after snack and lunch.

Our job is to get your child ready for 4 year old preschool and kindergarten. We do this in a loving, nurturing way that ensures their confidence and independence while giving them a love of learning.

We use the Wee Learn Bible curriculum and help children understand the love of Jesus and how to treat and love one another.

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