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Age: 6 weeks to 1 year

Wobbler Room

Age: 9 months - 16 months

Toddler Room

Age: 17 months - 24 months

Three Year

Age: 3 years

Four Year

Age: 4 years

At Viewmont Baptist Preschool Tree of Learning we strive to provide a safe, nurturing, Christian and stimulating environment for your child. We feel children learn through a variety of life experiences. Learning takes place in almost every aspect of a child’s day. With each new experience your child will be allowed to discover their new world through guided activities. 


We strive to provide more than just daycare. We have designed our program to provide a warm, welcoming environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy and curiosity to one that is confident and on the right educational track. 


At Viewmont Baptist Preschool Tree of Learning, children are taught to respect themselves, as well as their peers through positive socialization activities. We feel it is very important for children to learn to interact appropriately with peers, as well as adults.

Our Classes

Drawing of Rabbit
Drawing of Hedgehog
Drawing of Owl
Drawing of Squirrel
Drawing of Owl
Two Year

Age: 2 years

Our Program

Children are introduced to a balanced program of interaction with friends and both teacher-directed and child-directed experiences. The daily schedule includes time spent in the learning center, group times for creative movement, music, storytelling and dramatization. Field trips are also a part of the children's experiences.


The program we pursue is geared towards helping children develop habits of observation, questioning and listening. It gives each child awareness of one's own feelings and of one's right to express those feelings. This allows them to channel those feelings into more apporpriate means of expression. The children learn they are free to make choices as long as they stay within the limits of consideration for other individuals while encouraging self-expression. Such an open minded program prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities for future learning tasks.


Our program is a Christian program based upon the belief that play is the best way for children to learn. Each classroom is organized with centers for creative art, literature, science, pre-math, dramatic play, and cognitive and small motor development. The centers encourage re-enactment of life's roles. The environment is planned to stimulate imagination and creativity, socialization, and exploration and discovery, while challenging the use of muscles that are important to developing bodies.



Classroom curriculum is integrated around themes and topics, which reflect the natural way children live and learn. We also integrate the Christian curriculum "Wee Learn" with weekly Bible verses and stories. Class meetings begin with a whole-group mini-lesson, and each lesson is followed by the time for individuals to test new skills or concepts in the context of authentic activities monitored by the teacher.


In the (age apporpriate) centers, teachers introduce the standards and conventions of writing, reading, phonics, math, social studies, science, the arts, and manipulatives. Children then apply these to independent practice while instructors circulate among the students to confer and help each child to reinforce what they were taught and to introduce new skills and concepts in context.

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