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Our  One Year Old Class

Toddler Activities

Our activities include: Story time, Singing, Counting, Group Play, Outdoor time, Games with blocks/balls/puzzles, 

Alphabet songs, games, etc. Beginning at about 18 months of age, our students are led to more appropriate activities that challenge motor and cognitive skills.  We do our best to stimulate learning and good behavior as we assess each of our students on a daily basis.


Each month we have a different theme which may be based on (seasons, holidays, occupations, etc).  Our arts and crafts and circle time activities follow the subject theme. 

Our toddlers are encouraged to explore their new and ever growing list of skills and experiences.  Once our kids start to walk, we encourage them to practice their freedom of movement by moving through various learning/play centers.


Each day they learn to respect others and their environment, verbalize their needs and gain personal independence. More challenging tasks are gradually introduced that will enable them to master basic movement, develop vocabulary, and acquire more complex social experiences.  We feel these most basic of skills set the stage for future learning gains in language, and math.


Toileting is an important developmental step for all children and we cooperate with parents in establishing this process as a natural part of overall toddler development.  The establishment of positive personal hygiene habits is practiced.

Toddler Typical Daily Schedule 


We believe that the establishment of a predictable daily schedule supports confidence and benefits with some of the 

separation anxiety that commonly occurs with young children.  Below is a summary of our typical daily schedule:


8:45-9:30 Welcome and free play 

9:30-10:00 Arts and crafts, Diaper checks and changes, Hand washing

10:00-10:30 Snack time 

10:30-11:00 Diaper Checks and Changes

11:00-11:30 Outdoor Time 

11:30-11:45 Diaper Changes                                                                                                                        

11:45-12:00 Circle Time-Music, dancing and story time

12:00 Dismissal 

12:00-12:45 Lunch and cleanup

Schedule Details

We welcome our little students @ 8:45 to 9:00am. We begin by signing our "Good morning song".  After our song we will begin Toddler activities.

Snack time: 

We teach appropriate meal time behavior by first washing our hands. We then will say our blessing.  At this time the children will usually calm down to eat. This time also allows us to teach eating skills the children will need to know like when to say “Please”, “Thank You” and spoon feeding.

Physical Activities:

On days below 40 °F we usually head to the Gym for some physical activities but on warmer days we will go outside.

Arts and Crafts:

We believe that the motions involved in making art, such as holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon are essential developmental steps for the growth of more advanced fine motor skills.

Music time:

We will listen and dance to fun and appropriate learning songs.

Diaper Change: 


Circle time:

Circle time is learning time. We sing our ABC's, count 1-10, say the days of the week, colors, shapes, songs, body parts etc. Some of the children’s favorites are Jump Up and Down, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Jesus Loves Me.

Story time:

Books and stories are a great way to foster imaginative participation in learning as well as help to create a positive foundation for a lifelong love of reading. We read different books everyday, and we practice saying new words.

Dismissal time:

Time to go home. We offer extended hours for those needing additional childcare.

As teachers of the Toddler room, we feel genuine adoration and a loving bond with all of our students. We enjoy watching them grow into happy, confident toddlers.  Thank you for considering Viewmont Baptist Church Tree of Learning Preschool for your child.  We look forward to serving you and your family.

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